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Maintained and installed all types of software (generator &keygan) for medical devices with all license options activated at the best price for the following companies (Siemens,Toshiba,Philips,Sonoscape,Samsung,GE,Mindrey,Esoate).

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Who We Are

We are medical device engineers

We are a team of medical engineering. We love to provide remote assistance in maintaining medical devices, software, activating licenses and options. We hate the monopoly of big companies on the human side.

How We Work

We can help you after contacting us

After communicating with us and explaining your problem, we solve the steps together step by step to ensure work and not to get the problem again

bmeservice Siemens,Toshiba,Philips,Sonoscape,Samsung,GE,Mindrey,Esoate

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions answers

How to buy a product?

It is very important for the customer to pay attention to the purchase process. You can tell us what service you want, and we will tell you its price and details.

How to send a custom query?

Through our WhatsApp number +967 775455559

How work the support policy?

Explaining your problem via whatsapp is the best for a quick response

How can send a refund request?

Just tell us that the service did not work for you, photograph the problem, and then we will send you the refund

how to pay ?

You can pay via paypal, electronic wallets, banking companies, and the bank


Find your right solution and let us know if you need any help.

Do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp 


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We are honored to put your comments to us in order to serve everyone


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